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As a future-however-now not-yet hugely a success startup, you need a enterprise name that grabs the eye of all who hear it and holds on with a good grip. But choosing a company name is a not unusual obstacle for new marketers.

In this article, we’ll show you how to provide you with some catchy business name thoughts on your new challenge through brainstorming and making sure it’s:

  • Original
  • Future-evidence
  • User-friendly
  • Available (in a few shape)
  • Lovable

Ready? Let’s delve into those features and study suggestions to get you thru the business name creation technique.

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1. Make it original

Being unique can be frightening (and difficult) to do, but it’s vital when naming your business — don’t be afraid to face out from the crowd! 

A gazillion apps have names like Tinder, Grindr, Flickr, and Tumblr, so accept that your Stark-own family-themed Game of Thrones app known as Wintr will only wander away within the shuffle.

As a brand new startup, your call wishes to compel human beings to sit up and take note in place of look up, look down, and forget you ever existed.

To generate a boatload of alternatives to paintings with, don’t edit your self at some stage in the brainstorming process — it’s all about a unfastened flow of ideas and imagination.

  • Explore key phrases. Twinword has an super loose keyword tool that permit you to discover proposal for your name. If you kind a key-word related to your business into its search field, it’ll provide you with a graph of all the other words associated with it. Fire away!
  • Consult books. Use a tough reproduction of a dictionary for thought, or even considered one of your preferred novels. Flip through the pages and write down words that resonate with you, even if they’re now not at once associated with your business.
  • Play it up. Another manner to achieve originality is with some deliciously fun wordplay. Have a look at these examples of businesses with clever titles and consider what you may give you on your emblem identification. It’s a good idea starter! Examples: Melon Cauli (fruit and vegetable save), Sole Man (shoe repairs), Spoon Me (frozen yogurt logo), and Sensibill (receipt control software program).

2. Make it destiny-evidence

One issue you don’t want to do is create a name that sabotages your future enlargement plans or limits your attain.

Let’s say, as an instance, that your enterprise makes women’s footwear, however you observed you’ll in the end try and crack the male market. Having a call like Goddess Heels by means of Fiona wouldn’t be helpful.

One manner to destiny-proof your name — and get out of the singular “that is the product we make or component we offer” headspace — is to think about your employer’s story, values, and key differentiators as you brainstorm.

  • Get reflective. How could you describe your agency to others? What are you attempting to perform? What emotions do you want to awaken to your clients? Do certain adjectives come to mind when you think about your enterprise? What do you do in another way? Grab a chunk of paper and a pen and start writing it all down.
  • Consider your supplying. If you’re a provider-based business, having your service providing inside the call can be useful as a suffix (e.g. Scaling Upward Design).
  • Keep it simple. A enterprise name shouldn’t be a mashup of words attempting to accomplish too many stuff — it wishes to experience correct and evoke tremendous emotions and associations in you and your future customers.
  • Aim for smooth spelling. Simple emblem names are simpler to spell—a huge plus when counting on online customers to do not forget your enterprise and look you up or refer you!

3. Make it consumer-friendly

You have the first-spherical listing of original business name thoughts — now what? It’s crucial to pick a call that’s easy to say, spell, and kind into Google — even supposing it’s a made-up phrase.

Many people aren’t notable spellers, and as of the time of penning this post, there’s no “Did you imply to write this?” gadget in location for mistyped URLs in browser home windows.

Choosing a name that facilitates people discover you quickly can placed you in advance of the game. And consider: if customers can’t find you, they’ll come to be finding a person else!

  • Impose innovative constraints. As you get deeper into brainstorming, restrict your self to developing with names with simplest one phrase or syllables — it’ll help you consciousness on coming up with punchier call ideas. Other constraints to strive? Coming up with most effective alliterative names (howdy, Squarespace and PayPal), or only ones that begin with verbs (e.g. Dropbox, Shopify).
  • Test in unique mediums. To see how your call thoughts look and sound, positioned them right into a logo layout, say them out loud in a conversation (or to your self within the replicate), and draft them in an e mail signature. Making your thoughts feel real will help you determine in the event that they connect!
  • Get comments. Ask a few depended on pals or family participants to weigh in for your name thoughts. If you assert a call and they right now look pressured or barrage you with questions, you could want to reconsider its person-friendliness.
  • Check for language translation. The remaining issue you want is to name your business some thing that translates poorly in any other language.  Do a quick Google search to make sure you aren’t naming your brand after a body part or some thing crude.

Try out a business name in a brand layout without cost!

four. Make certain it’s available (in some form)

Once you have a commercial enterprise call idea (or some) that you’re glad with, it’s time to do a little digging. For search engine marketing and legitimacy purposes, you want the call for your website URL, so take a look at if it’s to be had in .com form.

If not, you can pick out from approximately a hundred alternatives from .internet to to .television — however once more, a .com URL can provide your business an air of legitimacy and convey in extra visitors.

The properly news? Being creative pays dividends because the greater original your name, the much more likely it’s miles to be available as a web cope with.

  • Check it. GoDaddy is a move-to tool for checking area availability and letting you see your .com alternatives. Type your ideas in, keep your breath, and see if the names are taken (we hope now not!). If they are, see what agencies or pages are at those addresses and take be aware. You also can do a hallmark seek — here are the resources for the U.S., Canada, and the U.K
  • Don’t surrender. If the area is unavailable, you continue to have options. You can add a phrase on the start or stop of your name — popular ones include “app,” “get,” and “good day.” If you’re a provider-primarily based enterprise, you may try including your providing within the call.
  • Look at social handles. After checking the domain call, test Namechk to see if the name you need is taken in social handles, mainly on the channels you intend to apply to construct your commercial enterprise.

Tip: If your enterprise is constrained by way of geography, a rustic-particular URL remains a terrific option (.ca, .united kingdom) — simply ensure the content material at the .com deal with doesn’t struggle along with your commercial enterprise.

If the exact handle call is unavailable (a likely state of affairs), there are some clean fixes to strive like adding a word or underscore. Again, check the content of handles that come up to your searches to see who else is using the name.

five. Make certain you LOVE it

It is going with out saying that you have to love your new commercial enterprise name and sense confident about placing it out into the arena. That’s why we propose brainstorming plenty of thoughts and taking the time to mull them over earlier than selecting a winner — don’t expect overnight achievement!

The remaining thing to do not forget: Companies rebrand all the time, however doing so fees money and time. Try your best to get the call right on the primary try to make certain your commercial enterprise is off to a remarkable begin.

What makes a very good business name?

There are a few key factors to a truely catchy enterprise call.

  • Evokes a feeling: Pottery Barn conveys a curation of rustic furniture thru its name alone. Try to create a sense thru the use of ingenious and notably visual words.
  • Sounds suitable: A top enterprise call has a hoop to it. Some names blend constants and vowels like Aritzia whilst others use rhythm to create a experience of float like Flora and Fauna. Before finalizing your brand name, say it out loud and use it in communique and concentrate to the way it rolls off the tongue. Aim for under five syllables if you could!
  • Speaks to your target market: A sturdy corporation name will resonate with its marketplace. If you personal a tech enterprise, you might need to play off of phrases on your enterprise. BitBucket, 1Password, and CodeCov are all first-rate examples of this.
  • Memorable: In the world of endless scrolling, you can have a memorable product or flashy advert, however it gained’t help your patron if they are able to’t remember your logo name while they are attempting to appearance you up later. What makes a commercial enterprise call memorable? It has rhythm or repetition, it’s a little summary or quirky, it’s now not too lengthy, and of course— it seems properly in a emblem

5 Types of enterprise names to choose from

Somewhere to your brainstorming and discovering, you’ll need to pick the kind of business name you’re after. Selecting the sort of pinnacle 5 is a brilliant place to begin.

1. Acronyms & abbreviations

A famous desire for manufacturers that need a quick, crisp business call.  Fun reality! IKEA is honestly an acronym that mixes the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, with the letters of the farm and village he grew up in, Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.

In 1963, CVS become founded as “Consumer Value Store” and became later abbreviated. When brainstorming, search for a few apparent names and words both about you or your product/provider and notice if they form any exciting acronyms.

2. Real names

What higher way to honor the person doing all the paintings backstage than naming your agency after your self! Using your call or a family name as your commercial enterprise name is a classic choice and definitely has longstanding energy. Think of McDonald’s or famend design business enterprise Herman Miller.

Using your call as a commercial enterprise name is a incredible option for specialists and contractors. But it has its cons as well. Doing this insists that you are the face of your brand at least for the primary few years whilst getting started out. It may also limit the way you expand your business down the road.

three. Matter of fact

A company name that goes the apparent path of addressing the commercial enterprise’ purpose creates immediately readability. With a call like Village Juicery, Whole Foods, Pizza Hut, or Car2Go, it’s difficult to miss what these companies offer to their purchasers.

This is a notable choice for entrepreneurs who aim for simplicity when naming their business. And whilst they’re no longer exactly the maximum exciting or beautiful, their staying electricity is undeniable.

four. Compounds

Create your personal compound word by merging phrases you like collectively! The company name Panera is certainly a compound of the phrases “pan” (which means bread) and “technology” (which means age or time). Put them together and you’ve were given “age of bread”.

5. Made up phrase

Making up words is for huge imaginations, but a number of the biggest organizations accessible are completely made-up words. Think Haagen-Dazs method some thing in Dutch? Think once more. The American founders wanted to bring a cosmopolitan, artisanal feeling with their product.

Making up a word provides you the opportunity to create a amusing and out-of-the-field business name that is each memorable and unique. Consider your target market when making up a phrase as your enterprise call. You want it to sound like something they’d be intrigued by means of and choose to examine greater about.

A great way to generate a employer call

Coming up with outstanding business call thoughts can take up a surprising amount of some time. It’s stressful to get stuck at the first step of constructing your commercial enterprise, that is why using a business call generator can be helpful.

A preview of Looka’s Business Name Generator in action

Looka’s Business Name Generator comes up with tons of commercial enterprise call ideas in seconds — then lets you test the domain availability, social handles, and preview the name in a emblem while not having to go away the page. 

Skeptical? We get it—you’re choosy! Which is why we generate enterprise name ideas in a variety of approaches, including invented names, compound words, and traditional names related to your industry. You can filter out results via name period (individual count) and get thoughts for associated terms right under the search bar. It’s completely unfastened and will save you a lot time. 

p.s. Want to understand greater about constructing a brand? Check out our logo identification guide!

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